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I don’t have much to do on this blog right now so would anyone like to plot? just LIKE this, I’ll write the starters!

Consistency in Inconsistency ll Chris & Kate

◤ livingbyacode ◢ :

         [   α   ]         

❝     for Gerard. Don’t confuse yourself. In case you 
 haven’t noticed, this family isn’t what it used to be. 

[ In a manner that is certainly not unlike a coiled cobra

  motionlessly lying in wait until the most opportune of
  moments to solicit traces of unfeigned surprise from
  someone who adventitiously nears it, the presently
  unsettled personage has permitted no amount of
  irretrievable time to be toiled away in the sensible
  mission of abruptly lashing out. One would not be
  forging a sliver of actuality by unhesitantly stating
  that he has become thoroughly displeased at record
  speed. Of course, the accidental achievement should
  come as a bewildering surprise to none at all as wholly
  ungovernable sparks of irritating friction tend to take
  presence when the aging form in which they produce
  themselves is within sight of this particular individual. ]

❝ You haven’t done anything for me. I can count
    how many times you’ve worked against me on
    both of my hands, but I’ll name a few. You lied
    to me about the Hale fire, you overstepped by
    telling Allison things she wasn’t ready to hear,
    and you almost killed an innocent boy. If you
    thought that any of that was going to go away,
    you thought wrong. I’m not going to f o r g e t. 

[ Unfortunately for her, her misdeeds are incapable
   of quietly being swept away with the uncapturable
   sands of time. In his blinding rage, it has utterly
   failed to successfully grab his attention that a
   most delicate subject has discretely graced the
   exceptionally undesirable dispute at h a n d. ]

❝ Your definition of talking isn’t the same as mine.
   I don’t consider you riling me up or trying to 
   the same as having a c o n v e r s a t i o n.  

[ As far as somewhat respectfully offering an audible 
  answer is concerned, there are countless possibilities 
  that can instantaneously be presented to the relative
  in response to that fully unexpected inquiry that has 
  just been bestowed upon the currently c r o s s male.
  For the briefest of moments, he actually considers the
  unquestionably visible path of reluctantly relenting and
  informing her of the entirety of his central desire. Even
  the deeply concealed fragments that do indeed regard
  her. Impartial honesty just so happens to be something
  that the contemplative man is quite f o n d of. Yet, the
  notion is ultimately discarded as selecting it would surely
  accomplish nothing more than exploiting weaknesses.
  Sore spots that can mercilessly be jabbed at for the sole
  purpose of completely shattering the well constructed
  mask that is donned on a daily basis. That is securely
  fastened to his countenance whilst in the presence of
  those with whom he cannot truthfully claim to have truly
  decent relations. As he is not naive as to simply lose
  sight of the unforgettable fact that she has naturally
  become even more perceptive due to the unscheduled
  transformation from lethal mortal to complete abnormality, 
  he ensures to avert the process of fabricating truths to
  gracefully take flight from off of his salmon reminiscent
  tongue. The customarily informative organ that serenely
  dwells within a miniature cave of pearly white stones. He
  merely resolves to present a fraction of the authentic truth. ]

❝ I’m here to help Scott. He can’t win this fight alone.
   Once it ends, I’m leaving. I won’t be coming back. 


        ░▐「 ☪ 」;;

    ❝ for Gerard? chris, are
        you goddamn delusional? ❞

  [ his anger sets off her own, a chasm opening in her heart like a black
     hole that sucks all the energy out of the room. gerard was far from a
     prominent figure in her mind. chris and allison had always meant the
     most to her, allison in particular. people said she had no humanity left
     anymore, and maybe that was true now. without allison — she had no
     reason to temper herself. to pretend to care about anything other than
     her own blood. which left chris as the last integral piece of the argent
     puzzle. gerard was hardly a blip on her radar. he had never been a real
     father to her. maybe it had taken years for kate to realize the lengths of
     psychological damage he’d done to her, but she knew now. ]

  ❝ nothing I’ve done has been for gerard for a long time now chris.
      you should know that better than anyone. — oh, god. you’re still
      on about the hale fire? get over it chris, it’s not like they all died
      anyways. most of them scrabbled out of the wreckage just like
      the cockroaches they are. what I did was for the better of all of
      us. case in point, had any nasty run-ins with peter lately? had the
      fire gone as planned we wouldn’t have a psychopathic werewolf
      on the lose. & don’t try to justify his actions, he was slaughtering
      innocents looong before I came into play. as for telling allison
      things she wasn’t ready to hear? —- please. ❞

    [ scoffing, throaty and agitated, it felt good to say all of this
      out loud. to let loose all the burden that had settled on her chest. ] 


    ❝ allison WAS ready. she was beyond ready. you keeping her in
       the dark didn’t do anything for her. embracing the family business
       was the best thing that could have happened, she felt powerful for 
       once and in charge. you were too hellbent on keeping her safe to
       realize you were doing more harm than good. holding her back. she
       needed that vindication, that independence you didn’t allow. as for
       scott? I don’t feel sorry for almost killing him. I feel sorry that I didn’t 
       get to. because if he died that night then allison wouldn’t have had
       to. I can’t believe you still can’t see that. that you’re going to help
       him, of all people. ❞

I don’t have much to do on this blog right now so would anyone like to plot? just LIKE this, I’ll write the starters!

☪ jonaslies

jonaslies ◢ :


Gabriel had been sitting beside him, but had crawled into
his lap just a few minutes ago. She could have it, Jonas
didn’t mind, and it certainly wasn’t his place to say that
she couldn’t sit there.


          "No, no. Go ahead.”

He motioned to it with one hand briefly, pressing his mouth
together in a small but friendly smile. The blond toddler eyed
the woman as she sat, smooshing his cheek against Jonas’
shoulder. Jonas offered a hand to her.

          ”I’m Jonas.”

      ░▐「 ☪ 」;; 

   ❝ — thanks, I’m Kate. ❞

       hoisting a free chair, she angled it away and tucked it
       in the empty space across from her before reclining to
       face the male beside her. gaze drawn to the rather
       cherubic child crawling in his lap, her nose scrunched
       in mild adoration and distaste. kate had never been a
       particular fan of toddlers, she could appreciate the
       appeal however, in small doses.

            — when they weren’t being a nuisance. 

      ❝ he yours? 

◤ msmysticundead ◢ :

"I thought you were gonna jump me!" Was her token protest, though her lips curved at the sight of her.  It had been forever - literally - since she’d laid eyes on her.  Her favorite person by far in their whole, insano-family and now she was here, in Mystic.  "Hey, you’re in that family too," Caroline laughed.

The knuckles that grazed her cheek were warm, light.  The affectionate tone with which she mocked similar.  “Duh.  Of course.  Head cheerleader and everything.  And — in case you missed that memo — reigning Queen of Miss Mystic Falls.”  Okay, so there was slight preening; she was still Caroline after all.  That gave way to concern however - Aunt Kate talking about sketchy goings on in Mystic Falls?  Definitely not a lovin’.  Carefully schooling her features into a look of confusion, Caroline let her nose wrinkle.  “What, you mean the animal attacks?  Curfews over on that one.  Unless you mean something else?  God, thought Caroline, please don’t let her mean something else. 


    ░▐「  」;;

       ❝ Yeah? Well good for you, kiddo. I always knew you were gonna be something special, even when you three years old, prancing around in a plastic tiara and sparkly pink leotard. ❞

      Forehead flexing in the crux of mild vexation, she has to suss out whether or not Caroline is aware of what truly lies behind the animal attack rumors. Kate had tried to goad Liz into telling her daughter about the existence of creatures in a realm beyond their own a long time ago — but they’d never come to a concrete solution. Liz insisted on sheltering her daughter. Frankly, Kate didn’t get it. Wouldn’t she rather prepare Caroline for what was out there than risk her being in the dark? —— Or worse, making friends with the innumerable enemy. Vampires were persuasive, vampires talking to people that didn’t recognize vampires were literally mind-altering.

          Mental note to slip vervain into Caroline’s coffee while she was here. 

     ❝ Mm, animal attacks. Seems pretty strange to me, animals don’t usually attack in the same place over and over. They’re nomadic, and these killings are coming in patterns. I was talking about something….a little different. ❞

To hell with her sister, it was about time Caroline knew the truth, if she didn’t already.

☪ ifthemoneysgood

◤ ifthemoneysgood ◢ :

    ” I’m not most people. I exist in a league of my own.”  

    She knows what she’s doing. Somewhat. She kind of makes these things up as she goes with minimal planning in the beginning. Purposely filling her voice with as much obnoxious arrogance as she can. Walking clumsily, stepping on things to give her position away. It makes her look like a foolish amateur. Like easy prey. 


    Her loud walking continues, slow and obvious. She won’t wander far. Just closing in the distance from where she heard Kate and where she wants Kate to be. There’s a chance those Berserkers of hers will come first. What she has might not be enough to stop all three of them together. They’re big, stupid, durable and strong. But if they can be given life, they can have it taken away. She’ll blow up that bridge when she gets to it. 

    For now, her focus is on the wayward Argent. From what she knows of Kate’s personality—which is all second-hand from Derek, Peter and Chris—she’ll be hard-pressed to resist coming to put Braeden in her place for boasting so much.    

    ” Here kitty, kitty.” 

    The idea was borderline stupid before. It’s just suicidal now. 

     ░▐「  」;;

    ❝ You really aren’t all that smart are you? To come out here all alone. Even the wolves know to always bring up back-up. ❞

      Toothy grin showcases a foreboding message, that she certainly hadn’t come out here all by herself. However, Kate wanted a chance to measure Braeden’s strength one-on-one before she called in the berserkers. She was confident in her ability to kill the lone mercenary if it came down to it, and yet —- something about her reminded her of well…herself.

    Brash & brazen, unafraid of jumping straight into the ring with the supposed big bad. Very Kate-like. It was essentially what she’d done with Peter all those months ago. Barreled in, guns blazing all in the name of protecting her niece. A lone thought that cost a moment of palpable lapse in concentration, struck a sour chord in the back of her throat — maybe the remnants of a heart left withered by a staggering loss.

     Foliage crunches & disintegrates at the steel-toed edge of her boots, pressing forward the moon casts a violent streak of light across transformed features, making herself known to the opposing raven-haired woman.

   ❝ You know what they say about cats right? —- Nine lives. Think you’re up for that battle? ❞

☪ pulledfromhell

pulledfromhell ◢ :

          “Well      If it isn’t Kate Argent.
            Can’t get enough of me, can you?”

It wasn’t as though he had sent out a memo to let people know
that his body wasn’t still six feet under. He was pretty sure that
he was excused over the fact that the apocalypse was under
way and finding a way to stop it could very well be an impossible
task. His eyes traveled over her and recalled on his memories of
the huntress. She had always been aggressive in their line of work,
not too differently from him. In all of what was happening he was
admittedly glad to see her face again.

                             ”Whiskey’s sounding great right about now.
                                                  Tales about the devil might be
                                                  more disappointing than you would
                                                  think. Hell was full of the sickest
                                                  nightmares you can dream. There
                                                  can never be enough alcohol after.”


          ░▐「 ☪ 」;;

   ❝ Hardly — you’re the one that came here.
      Not the other way around. I’ve found that
      the least enjoyable people always tend to
      find you whether you want them to or not. 

       kindred smile blossoms on carmine lips, it’s obvious kate
       is merely teasing. ❝ I don’t know Dean, I’m a pretty sick girl.
       Besides, maybe if the tales you tell are twisted enough it’ll
       reform me. — I’ll change my ways and become a martyr

                a raised hand signals the bartender’s attention and she orders
                them both a glass of bourbon straight on the rocks. had she
                known she was going to be running into dean winchester of all
                people, she would have pre-empted the night with a few shots
                at home.

◤ magichotline ◢ :

       Another day, another hunt.

              This time? She was called to another place on the
              rise for a body count. Unexplained deaths had
              been occurring and there were some rumors 
              swirling about. She never believed in the super-
              natural until a few years ago. But that was another
              store for another time.

                       She’d stepped into the diner looking around
                       for an empty spot. She took it upon herself to
                       speak to the woman who seemed to be alone
                       unlike the others. It wasn’t like she was a 
                       a targeted victim. Bonnie hadn’t seen a
                       pattern yet.

               She slid like a slithering snake as she offered
               her a smile. No one was suspicious but that
               didn’t mean she couldn’t be guarded. 

                         ”I hope you don’t mind.
                          I figured you could use some company.”

                Part of the job meant being able to be charming,
                infiltrating a compound, and prying out information
                from the citizens of the town.

                         ”Bonnie, what can you tell me about the town?
                          I just moved here.”


           ░▐「 ☪ 」;;

  lukewarm gaze washes over the face of a newcomer.
   kate didn’t take kindly to strangers these days. everyone
   had a past, a dirty secret, uncouth motives that could
   cause problems for her in the future. immediately the
   raven-haired girl was a met with a chilly reception,
   haunched shoulders and terse, clipped tone. she
   had to earn amity. she snorts at the assumption.

           what makes you think that? I
              was actually enjoying the quiet. ❞  

    emphasis slanders the last word,
    she fails to meet her eyes. 

            ❝ the names kate, & in case you haven’t noticed?
                I’m not exactly a welcoming committee. I’m sure
                you can find some other kid to tote you around
                for extra credit or something. 

◤ kreinvahlok ◢ :

        ☽ ◎ ☾


 ❛I’ve hardly got you figured out, though
I do enjoy speculating of mere observation.
You’re packing a G42, law enforcement or
hunter- what’s your preferred game?

        ░▐「 ☪ 」;;

   ❛ Oh trust me, I know. Maybe I’m
      an assassin, and you’re my target.
      How about you tell me something 
      about yourself instead, hotshot ? ❜