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katherine pierce.
jackson whittemore.

okay but —- kate just /worshipping/ berserker scott and like so amazed by her own creation and so reverent of him and running her fingers down his body and painting marks on him and relishing in the feel of his skin and flexing muscles and the carnage that comes with the new monstrosity and he’s such a pretty beast now and then he gris his hand tight and vice like and even when its close to breaking she shudders and puts her hand on his new mask and just —- “I can still see those big brown eyes of yours scott, except now they’re a little more like mine…a little darker, a little more sinister. being bad is fun isn’t it? don’t lie.” and giggling eVIlLY and letting him fuck her up because it feels good but coming back to him anyways all bloodied up and telling him what to do and the push and pull and power struggle i ——


I know if I’m onto you, you must be onto me


graphic battle // torple vs. nighttimemachinery

  • round one: any villain + light/dark 

to-do list posted here. I’ll cross things off as I get to them gradually. won’t be on til late tomorrow but I will focus on jackson first and try & do a few drafts here before switching around since him & kat have the most to do rn.


No words

OKAY SO. here’s the thing. because of start of school craziness and everything, I’ve gotten way behind on drafts & starters. not memes for once though at least but yeah. so for the next week or so you’re not going to see a whole lot of writing from me. I’m gonna repost a to-do list on each blog, and everyday I log on/off I’ll update it (don’t worry I won’t @ people every single time just the first time and maybe when I’m close to finishing). but that way you can see where I’m at drafts wise. however, nothing is going to be posted til I’m done, then I’ll queue everything on all 3 blogs up for probably over a week. in the mean time you won’t see much IC things on my blogs apart from graphics, small threads, & memes. sorry about that but I really need to play catch up rn.

so under the cut is a list of things I owe, if you still want to plot, nows a good time to ask, just LIKE this if interested or if I missed you.

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starter call ;

so I’m starting class up again soon and I made a post here explaining my current semi-hiatus status, but I’m interested in getting some new things going, especially crossovers, etc. but anyone is welcome. 

so please LIKE this post and I will go through your wishlist and make you a starter inspired by something in it! [ if you don’t have a wishlist I”ll just message you to plot. ] please only like if seriously interested in doing a plot with me/if you plan on replying. also give or take a few days for me to post all of them!

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